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Sermon Recordings

Audio recordings from this year are made available to you in MP3 format. They are live recordings from Grace Baptist Church that can be streamed to your PC, iPad or iPhone. Alternatively, you can download them to your PC, iPad and iPod and share them with others.

January 4Morning Service:
Luke 2:21-40 Two Elders
Peter Dyck
January 11Morning Service:
Luke 2:41-52 Don't You Know Who My Father Is
Peter Dyck
January 18Morning Service:
Luke 4:14-30 Jesus Shoots Himself in the Foot
Peter Dyck
January 25Morning Service
Luke 4:31-44 Treasure in a Clay Pot
Peter Dyck
February 1Morning Service
Malachi Let none be faithless to the wife of his youth
Matt Semrau
February 8Morning Service
The Compassionate Authority of Jesus
Peter Dyck
February 15Morning Service:
We Do Not Loose Heart...
David Ens
February 22Morning Service:
Introduction to Leviticus
James Nyangulu
March 1Morning Service:
Malachi: Reflecting the Image of God
Matt Semrau
March 8Morning Service:
Luke 5:1-11 Can We Trust Jesus
Peter Dyck
March 15Morning Service:
Luke 5:12-26 Authority to Forgive sins
Peter Dyck
March 22Morning Service:
Luke 5:27-39 Friend to Sinners
Peter Dyck
April 5Morning Service:
Easter Service
Peter Dyck
April 12Morning Service:
Malachi Let Me Bless You
Matt Semrau
April 19Morning Service:
Luke 6:1-11 Lord of The Sabbath
Peter Dyck
April 26Morning Service:
Luke 6:17-19 The Character of the Kingdom
Peter Dyck
May 3Morning Service:
Luke 6:20-22 Blessed are the Poor
Peter Dyck
May 10Morning Service:
Malachi Honouring His Name
Matt Semrau
May 17Morning Service:
Luke 6:22-23,26 Blessed are the Persecuted
Peter Dyck
May 24Morning Service:
Luke 6:27-35 Radical Love
Peter Dyck
May 31Morning Service:
Sinful Creatures
Gordon Emigh
June 7Morning Service:
See Rejoice and Encourage
Piere Buldoc
June 14Morning Service:
Luke 6:36-42 Living by a New Guide
Peter Dyck
June 21Morning Service:
Matt Semrau
June 28Morning Service:
Luke 6:43-49 The Heart of the Gospel
Peter Dyck
July 5Morning Service:
Luke 7:1-10 Marvellous Faith
Peter Dyck
July 12Morning Service:
Luke 7:11-23 First Impressions of Jesus
Peter Dyck
July 19Morning Service:
James How is your fruit
Matt Semrau
July 26Morning Service:
Luke 7:24-35 Why Don't You Want to Play
Peter Dyck
August 2Morning Service:
Luke 7:36-50 The Fifty Thousand Dollar Sinner
Peter Dyck
August 9Morning Service:
Luke 8:4-15 Attentive Hearers
Peter Dyck
August 16Morning Service:
Luke 8:16-24 Take Care How You Hear
Peter Dyck
August 23Morning Service:
James Tame Your Tongue
Matt Semrau
September 6Morning Service:
Luke 8:26-39 The Garesene Demoniac
Peter Dyck
September 13Morning Service:
Luke 8:40-56 Faith to Believe
Peter Dyck
September 20Morning Service:
John 10
Jim Clemens
September 27Morning Service:
Luke 9:1-17 Lunch and Learn
Peter Dyck
October 4Morning Service:
Luke 9:18-21 Who do you say that I AM
Peter Dyck
October 11Morning Service:
Psalm 103
Peter Dyck
October 18Morning Service:
Luke 9:22-36 Are You Listening
Peter Dyck
October 25Morning Service:
What Kind of Christian Are You
Roger Fellows
November 1Morning Service:
Luke 9:37-52 The Disciples 4 Failures
Peter Dyck
November 15Morning Service:
Hypocrisy Judgment and Self Examination
Matt Semrau
November 22Morning Service:
Pressing Towards the Goal
Peter Dyck
November 29Morning Service:
A Reason For Joy in Trials at Christmas
Rudy Weibe
December 6Morning Service:
The prophet of the day of the Lord
Peter Dyck
December 13Morning Service:
The Farmer from Tekoa
Peter Dyck
December 20Morning Service:
O Little Town of Bethlehem
Peter Dyck
December 27Morning Service:
John 3 The Importance of Christmas
Matt Semrau